5 strange things we learned about Kellan Lutz

From an interview he did with US ELLE, we find out that the blue-eyed actor isn't your typical Hollywood star

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 29 May 2015

5 Kellan Lutz facts
Photo: Kellan Lutz/Facebook

1. He has a secret Instagram
"I'm not on social media, really. I mean, I have a secret Instagram that's like my travel diary that nobody really knows about. I have it for my friends and family so they know where in the world I am," said Kellan Lutz. Now how do we find this secret account?

2. He invented Blackout Bands
What are they? "They're basically sunglasses that you can't see out of. I was on an airplane wearing a sleep mask, and someone took a photo of me [wearing a sleep mask] that wasn't so masculine," Kellan told ELLE. "So when you travel, or when you're out on the beach or you're really hungover, it just looks like you're wearing sunglasses. These have helped people with light sensitivity, people who get migraines frequently."

3. He doesn't want to retire
Surprise! How many people do you know who don't want to retire? You can now include Kellan in that short list. "Oh, I never want to retire. I think that's when you truly age. I know friends' parents who are in their 80s and still working. I forever want to act. I forever want to have an amazing family. I forever want to create," he said.

4. He tried using his connection with Kristen Stewart to land a movie role (but failed)
Kellan wanted to play the brother to Kristen Stewart's character in Still Alice, so he gave the Twilight actress a call and asked her to put in a good word with the director for him. Too bad he didn't get the part.

5. He doesn't want to win an Oscar
Apparently, the Hercules actor never dreamed about being an actor when young (that's a first!). Instead, he wanted to go to college and play football. He also wanted to pursue a career in chemical engineering.

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