5 Classic Kanye Quotes From Late Night With Seth Meyers

Kanye drops some wisdom about masks, Michaelangelo, music, and bigger shoes

By Andrea Tim | Published: 27 Feb 2014

Video: Late Night with Seth Mayers

When the world hasn't had its fill of Kanyeisms, the 36-year-old singer compensates in stringy, articulate sentences you wouldn't understand the first time. On the second episode of new US talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kanye West shared some of his best yet. Our five favourite moments are at:

1:17, when he doesn't answer the question.
"I mean the mask is great. It's freeing," said Kanye on how hot it was in his Yeezus Tour Margiela mask.

2:14, when he goes Aristotle on Seth.
"What's the difference in how you approach fashion and music?" asked Seth. "Everything in the world is exactly the same," Kanye replied.

2:58, when he explains why everything in the world is exactly the same.
"So it's like Michelangelo, the church wanted him to paint, but he wanted to do sculptures."

3:40, when he actually made a bit of sense about why he wants to go into fashion.
"It's like an overall creative expression."

And 4:09, when he talks about wanting a bigger shoe.
"Your shoes start to get a little tight and you do everything you can to get a bigger shoe so you can walk further and run faster. And people are like... No, Kanye. You can't run faster."

Kanye, you're so deep we can't even see you anymore.


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