15 minutes with racing driver Bruno Senna

We had a little chat with Formula E driver Bruno Senna just in time for the 2015 Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix happening this weekend

By Noor Amylia Hilda | Published: 26 Mar 2015

Bruno Senna chat
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Formula E is a very new form of motor racing. What are your thoughts about its future?
Formula E is a championship that has a lot of potential, but there’s a lot to do to make sure the sport succeeds, and it depends if the championship is doing all the right moves to get everybody to know what Formula E is all about.

You seem to get along well with your Mahindra teammate, Karun Chandhok. What makes you a good team?
We’ve always got along well from the beginning and we've always been very respectful to each other. Karun is a very clever guy and he's also very successful in his career, so I think having him as a teammate is a bonus for me.

Where is your favourite place to race?
I really enjoy Malaysia for racing, but I'm looking forward to Monaco the most, which is where I currently live. I can just wake up in my own bed and go to the track then come back to my own pad.

Describe your perfect day off.
Well, the last thing I want to do whenever I'm on holiday is go travelling! I like to stay home and enjoy a bit of down time. Normally we do some lighter training, like running and swimming, and it just gets your mind off motor racing. I'm also into remote control models, especially remote control helicopters.

I heard you're an avid gamer as well!
(Laughs) I used to play more when I had more time.

What kind of games do you play?
I enjoy racing games, first-person shooter games and Grand Theft Auto. I think the last racing game I bought was Gran Turismo 6, which was very cool and it has some of Ayrton's cars. But it's on my PlayStation back home, so I can only play it when I’m there, and I'm not home very much, unfortunately.

Who's the coolest driver to hang out with right now?
Karun, of course! [Laughs] I get along with a few of the drivers, as a few of them live in Monaco as well. When I get some time off, I hang out with Daniel Ricciardo.

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Now let's talk about cars, what was your first ride?

My first car was an Audi S3 and that was a nice car to have.

What was the best car you've ever driven?
The best road car would be a McLaren 650S. I've driven this car a few times now and it's a real aggressive machine.

And the worst car you've ever driven?
Oh, there are so many candidates! It’s hard to say [but] it would probably be my stalling Formula One car.

What car do you have now?
I don't own that many cars, but I have a Volkswagen Polo GTI, which is very practical in Monaco. It’s not my favourite car in the world but it's a convenient car for my lifestyle.

Where's the best place to go for a drive?
I quite like driving in south of France, around the Cote d'Azur, but I have to say that cycling there is definitely better than driving around. Riding on the coastline here is absolutely gorgeous.

Besides your uncle, Ayrton Senna, who would you say is your biggest career influence?
Currently, the driver I admire most in Formula One is Alonso Fernando, because of his skills. Outside of sport, I would say my mother (Viviane Senna) is a very good influence because she devotes her life to the charities we have in Brazil and one of the charities actually came from one of Ayrton's wishes, The Ayrton Senna foundation.


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