10 tips for new mothers from new mum, Patricia Knudsen

The DJ and mum to 6-month-old Sophia Sue-Lin shares how she dealt with that new-mum frustration

By Lydia Chan | Published: 27 Apr 2017

Pat K's baby advice
Photo: patriciaknudsen/Instagram

From long nights awake and lots of tears to scary first times, being a new mother is a no walk in the park. Yet, DJ and emcee Patricia K seems to have it all down. The mother to adorable baby girl Sophia Sue-Lin juggles working life and family time with partner Joey Ghaz, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle – these are well-documented on her Instagram account. However, Patricia admits that it's not always easy, so she's shared ten tips for soon-to-be and new mums out there.

1. Epidural: yes or no?
"Don't be afraid to say yes to an epidural if you need it. I didn't even hesitate. It was honestly the worst pain I have ever experienced, so it was a life saver."

2. Breastfeed or bottle?
"Don't feel pressured to breastfeed your child 100% of the time. Do what makes you feel more relaxed. Remember, happy mum, happy baby."

Photo: patriciaknudsen/Instagram

3. Shopping
"Don't overspend on baby clothes for the first six months to a year. It's a waste of money as they grow really fast and vomit all day, every day."

4. Cleaning up
"Have plenty of muslins at hand."

5. First aid
"Take a first aid course so you are prepared in case of any emergencies."

6. Remember to wind down
"Make time for yourself and for your significant other."

Photo: patriciaknudsen/Instagram

7. Never vent on the baby
"No matter how frustrated you are with your baby (which can be pretty much all the time in the first few months because you are sleep deprived), never take it out on the baby. Put her/him down and walk out of the room. Take a deep breath (cry if you need to) and then go back in and take them. Sometimes using earphones with loud music works too if you have a hardcore crier."

8. It's your baby, so you decide
"Don't feel like you have to follow everyone's advice (trust me, everyone will have something to say). Everyone has different babies and their own ways of raising their children."

9. Eating
"Try making your own baby food. It is actually super easy and you can stock it up in the freezer. It gets really expensive to keep buying ready-made baby food packets."

10. Going to sleep
"Don't try to always be quiet around your baby when she or he goes to sleep. You will have a hard time later on when they keep waking up at the slightest sounds; you'd have to tip-toe everywhere in the house. But with that said, sleep when the baby sleeps."

Photo: patriciaknudsen/Instagram

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