Yves Saint Laurent films makeovers with Google Glass

Now you can keep your own personalised makeup tutorial video from YSL Beauty's makeup counters

By Andrea Tim | Published: 9 Sep 2014

YSL makeup service
Photo: Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

The days when we couldn't recall all the steps our makeup artist demonstrated at the makeup counter are almost completely behind us. The next powerhouse to embrace technology is Yves Saint Laurent, with its cosmetics line, YSL Beauty.

Instead of having the makeup artist hold up a camera, Google Glass (duh) provides him or her with hands-free convenience. More importantly, it allows for the contents of the video to be shown from a first-person perspective, meaning that everything the makeup artists do for their client can be observed from the footage Google Glass records. This includes recommending a product, explaining steps to applying makeup and pointing out areas of the face.

The best part is that you'll actually understand how to use the product on your own face. Wave goodbye to splurging on an entire makeup set just to have it buried away in a dusty beauty drawer, save for one lipstick or eyeliner you managed to figure out.

Once happy with the result of their makeover, clients will later receive a personalised video via email. What's even better than following a beauty tutorial that stars someone else? Following step-by-step instructions for makeup demonstrated on your own face, of course.

YSL Beauty's service is currently only available at its New York City Bloomingdale's 59th Street counter, but it's only a matter of time before beauty counters everywhere pick this up.

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