You could 3D print your own makeup

Meet the Mink, the newly invented makeup printer

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 7 May 2014

Print your makeup
Photo: Getty Images

Many people think 3D printing is the future, but not so many thought it would be the future of cosmetics. At yesterday’s TechCrunch Disrupt, inventor Grace Choi took to the stage to present her invention that could be a major game-changer for makeup-lovers: a makeup printer. It’s called Mink, and works by letting you choose any colour from any source, and translating that colour into a lipstick, blush or eyeshadow.

The bulk of cosmetics on sale today use the same basic ingredients, and Grace has sourced those ingredients to use in Mink. While she didn’t go into the nitty-gritty of the process during her presentation – would you have to refill the printer with a lipstick cartridge? A blush toner? – the possibilities are definitely intriguing. You could copy Joan Smalls’ violet pout at the Met Gala without trotting out to your nearest Estée Lauder counter. Or print off different eyeshadows for every day of the week.

Grace says The Mink will retail for less than $200, and is due out later in the year. We will be watching with great, great interest.


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