Under-skin bra has straps screwed onto your ribs

Internal bra? More like eternal bra

By Andrea Tim | Published: 8 May 2014

Internal bra surgery
Photo: Illustration of the internal bra procedure

Boob jobs have been taken up a notch – or five. Forget breast implants; now there is a miracle bra implant and it is exactly what you imagine. A bra inside you.

Performed by breast surgeon Professor Jian Farhadi, the surgery is supposed to help improve breasts appearance (whether natural or with implants) by lifting it and prevent sagging. The surgical bra is made of silicone cups, which are held in place by fine silk straps screwed into the ribs. Ouch!

The bra is invisible under the skin and the procedure, carried out at Guy's Hospital and St Thomas' Hospital, costs £6,000. So far, three British women have reportedly undergone the operation, but it is still too early to tell if the internal bra really helps combat sagging breasts in the long run.

The thought of having the option to not wear an actual bra outside while keeping the twins up and sag-free is pretty tempting, but we'll stick to actually being able to take off our bras at the end of the day, thanks.


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