The real reason Fan Bingbing has amazing skin

Who said sheet masks were only meant to be worn at home?

By Lydia Chan | Published: 28 Apr 2017

Bingbing's secret
Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

This could be the secret to porcelain skin, but we've just been too embarrassed to do it.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is known for her porcelain-like complexion. While us mere (read: jealous) mortals would like to dismiss it as the result of plastic surgery or some super expensive skin care routine, it turns out that the actress is just incredibly committed to her sheet mask routine.

In a photograph recently shared on Reddit, Bingbing wears a sheet mask outdoors (gasp!) as she seems to sign autographs for a fan, presenting us with the real off-red-carpet Fan Bingbing persona.

Photo: ram93/Reddit

So, there you go, slap on a sheet mask right now. Whether you're in the office, getting the mail, out running errands or about to go into a meeting, if Bingbing can do it, so can you. For first-time public sheet mask wearers, take a cue from the actress and wear sunglasses if you're feeling a little shy. Either way, sheet masks all day, every day!

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