The four faces of Stella McCartney's POP fragrance

Lola Leon and Amandla Stenberg join Grimes and Kenya Kinski-Jones in the new campaign

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 Mar 2016

Stella's four stars
Photo: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is launching her first perfume in four years. Dubbed POP by Stella McCartney, the fragrance is fronted by four women, all of whom are talented in their own fields and mirror the brand's free-spirited personality.

"POP is a spirit," Stella explained on Instagram. "It's about celebrating that exciting time when you are coming into your own. It's about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels."

Lola Leon, Grimes, Kenya Kinski-Jones and Amandla Stenberg (pictured above, left to right) are four names that might not strike most as familiar at first, but when you find out who they are and what Stella had to say about them, you will come to see why they're the perfect for the campaign.

Amandla Stenberg
Amandla is best known for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games, and has also acted in Colombiana as the young Cataleya (Zoe Saldana plays the adult Cataleya) and Rio 2 (voicing Bia, Blu's younger daughter).

"An extraordinary talent and actress, Amandla is a great young girl who has a lot to say and I love that. She's not afraid to speak her mind, which makes her an inspirational role model for girls all across the world," Stella wrote.

Amandla Stenberg (Photo: Stella McCartney)

Lola Leon
Lavender-haired Lola, also known as Lourdes, is Madonna's first child with Carlos Leon. Despite her mother's fame, the university student has hardly been the centre of media attention, but is now clearly ready to make a name for herself.

"Lola, who I've known her entire life, is at the beginning of her career as a performing artist," Stella wrote. "She's an independent, inspirational and free-spirited young woman. Despite being born in the spotlight, she has kept her feet firmly on the ground."

Lola Leon (Photo: Stella McCartney)

The Canadian singer-songwriter is hardly your ordinary synthpop artist – her eclectic style involves experimental pop and is influenced by a wide range of genres – and she is always unapologetically quirky. It's really no wonder Stella calls her "a true Renaissance woman in the making."

"Grimes is a wonderful musician, director and writer," the designer said. "She's the real deal, which I think is really rare to come across. She refuses to compromise on anything ethically or artistically, which sets her apart from many of her contemporaries."

Grimes (Photo: Stella McCartney)

Kenya Kinski-Jones
German actress Nastassja Kinski's up-and-coming model daughter Kenya is also an animal activist. Stella is also known for her stand on sustainable fashion, so the partnership comes to no surprise at all.

"Kenya really takes on the responsibility to be a voice for animals and her passion for activism is something I can both relate to and admire!" Stella said. "She's also an accomplished competitive horseback rider, writer and a model – an all-round wonderful girl!"

Kenya Kinski-Jones (Photo: Stella McCartney)

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