Review: Nails Inc spray-on nail polish

In this ELLE exclusive, we got our hands on Nails Inc's Paint Can spray-on nail colour and gave it a whirl

By Shantila Lee | Published: 15 Jan 2016

Video: ELLE Malaysia

When a little black box marked with NAILSINC LONDON arrived at the office last week, I opened it with much anticipation and squealed with delight to find their Paint Can spray-on nail polish, a 2-in 1 Base and Top Coat and a how-to guide inside.

This product is a new revolution (of sorts) to hit the beauty industry, where nail polish doesn't necessarily come in a little bottle with a brush anymore. Taking things so much further than stick-ons, acrylics or nail pens, this is real nail polish, but in a graffiti-like can. It takes the guesswork or required skill out of applying nail polish.

We decided to give it a go and do our own what-went-down video, so that everyone can have a first-hand look at how it works and the end result. Watch it above. The steps, as per the pic from Nails Inc below, are to first apply the base coat, spray on the polish at a good 10cm distance, apply the top coat to seal it all in, then wash off the remaining polish and violà: instantly done, smudge and error-free nail polish in under a minute.

Nails Inc Paint Can
Photo: Nails Inc

Here's the low-down:

The good
It absolutely works. We got a smooth, even coat of polish, and the washing, which didn't take forever (though it did require intensive scrubbing, under the nails and at the cuticles), really got all the excess bits out. It also dried very fast.

How long it took
A total of just over one minute, from start to finish. Normally wearing nail polish requires a base coat, two coats of nail colour and a top coat, all of which requires drying time in between and at least 15 minutes at the end untli it completely dries.

Any hitches?
The colour wasn't quite as bright as we saw on the Nails Inc website, but we suspect it may be due to the technique used when spraying on the polish. Keeping in mind that this was our first time trying it and the only take of the video, so a bit of practice might do the trick.

Why we love it
It's perfect for girls who aren't pros at applying nail polish or don’t fancy hitting up a nail salon every time the old colour has to come off. Who wants to spend 10 or 15 minutes putting on nail colour when you could just spray-n-go?

The bad
Paint Can may only be available in Malaysia next year. Oh and it only comes in silver and pink at the moment.

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