New 3D hologram nail art app

New beauty app makes your nail art go 3D

By Shantila Lee | Published: 2 Nov 2015

3D hologram nails
Photo: Metaverse Makeovers

Metaverse Makeovers' recently launched Nails app is taking nail art to a whole new level, by animating nail art incarnations in 3D. With the hologram function, nail-painting enthusiasts can see their nail art come to life with a variety of animations – butterflies, blingy sparkles, fireworks and dancing kittens galore.

All you have to do is deck out your nails in Metaverse press-ons that can be purchased from (they cost between $22 and $34 (approx. RM146)), download the app and use the camera to see your newly painted fingers jump to life. Virtual GIFs pop from the nails, with themes that go from animals to plants, feathers and diamonds. Users can then capture the videos and share them on any social media site.

Metaverse Makeovers Nails
(Photo: Metaverse Makeovers)

This is what developers call Augmented Reality, using the camera on your tablet or phone to project something digitally into the real world. While this is not new tech, with many games already employing it (i.e. zombies wandering around your living room while you shoot them to bits), there are now more and more beauty apps taking advantage of it. L'Oréal's Modiface lets you see a live version of yourself with different hair, makeup and better skin; Beauty Mirror allows users to apply skin transformations in real time using the camera as a virtual mirror.

We can't imagine what's next – a virtual vanity that lets you try on anything you've bought before disaster strikes?

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