Miranda Kerr created a beauty essence to cure your broken heart

The supermodel's solution is a big upgrade from crying at romantic comedies

By Lydia Chan | Published: 9 Jun 2017

Kerr's breakup cure
Photo: mirandakerr/Instagram

Miranda Kerr wears many hats – mother, supermodel, founder of organic skincare company Kora Organics and now, heartbreak curer.

The Australian beauty's latest line for her company focuses on products for your wellbeing – we're talking inner and outer beauty. One notable product: the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil. Say what?

"Your Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra. It's literally right over your heart. And our chakras can open and close, and when your Heart Chakra is closed, you're feeling less energy, more stress, like everything is overwhelming and your whole body just wants to shut down," Miranda explained to ELLE US.

To solve the cry-all-day-and-night woes, Miranda worked with her team to create a "super-charged wellness essence that really helps nurture your heart and empower your energies." A mix of sandalwood, ylang ylang and cedar wood is filtered through a giant rose quartz crystal (which, NBD, actually belongs to Miranda) to "charge" them, giving them "the vibration of love." Hey, we're all about good vibrations here, too.

Apparently, just a sniff of the oil (which is available for pre-order online) feels like "a big warm hug" and activates your heart chakra, making you "more willing to give and receive love." It's just what the doctor ordered after getting your heart broken. Miranda recommends mixing the oil in your moisturiser and notice your pores shrink but feel your love and good vibes grow.

While we're still not 100% sure whether using this 'opens' our Heart Chakra, if it worked for Miranda (she is currently happily honeymooning with new husband Evan Spiegel), we might just bookmark this one for any future heartbreaks (touch wood, though).

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