Kim Kardashian has a makeup tutorial for us

Mrs. West shows us how to look like her in less than ten minutes

By Mei Jing Goh | Published: 22 Sep 2016

Photo: Splashnews

No matter what people might say about Kim Kardashian, one thing's for sure: her makeup is always on point. Well, count ourselves lucky, because now we know Kim is human after all. When she doesn't have a makeup artist on call, she really is just like us – ladies pressed-for-time who can only have 10 minutes to spare on makeup.

If you ever thought that Kim's look is impossible to attain without a professional's help, think again. The reality TV star shows us that everything is possible in less than 10 minutes – this, even with plugs for her younger sister's Kylie Lipkits and conversations with Kanye!

The lighting's not the best if you really want a closer look at the finished result, but that's why you need to listen to what she says during the video. If you ever needed a new quick celebrity makeup routine in your life, you know where to look for one now.

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