Johnny Depp is a rockstar in the Dior Sauvage film

This man is just too sexy

By Andrea Tim | Published: 2 Sep 2015

Video: Dior

What is Johnny Depp looking for? He doesn't know and neither do we. What we do know is that he is every bit a mysterious, troubled rock star in the short film for Dior Sauvage, the new fragrance.

We get a taste of Johnny's guitar shredding skills in the beginning before the man drops it all to speed through the desert in his Dodge – American muscle car, we like. He starts digging a hole to bury his jewellery and all the while he laments about looking for "something he can't see".

Not everything in the film, directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino, needs to have a literal meaning, but we like to think that Captain Jack Sparrow makes a subtle cameo at the end in the form of Johnny's smudged eyeliner.

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