Gucci Chimes For Change To Help Women

The luxury brand launches a new charitable campaign through their fragrances

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 17 Mar 2014

Video: Gucci

Each time you buy a bottle of Gucci fragrance, you could now be contributing directly towards improving the lives of girls and women around the world.

Through their charitable arm, Chime for Change, Gucci has pledged a minimum of USD1 million for projects focused on bettering education, health and justice for women.

Each time you purchase a bottle of the women's fragrances, Gucci Première, Gucci Guilty Intense for Women or Flora by Gucci, or the men's fragrances Gucci Made to Measure or Gucci Guilty for Men, Gucci will in turn donate towards a worthy cause.

You'll receive a unique donation code alone with your purchase, which you can enter at the Chime for Change website for the donation to be clocked in. The best part of the initiative is that customers can select which cause they’d like the donation to go towards and track the progress of their contribution.

Founded by Gucci, Chime for Change was started in 2013 to raise global awareness and funds for issues that directly affect the wellbeing of women, including ending sex trafficking, providing education for young girls and creating better maternity healthcare. Through interactive platforms that encourage customers to support and engage with these causes, the initiative has funded almost 300 projects across more than 80 countries since it started.


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