Four things we love about the new Gabrielle Chanel fragrance

Taking a closer look at the house's newest perfume

By Grace Wong | Published: 29 Aug 2017

Gabrielle Chanel
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Chanel's latest fragrance, Gabrielle, celebrates the rebellion and grit of one Gabrielle Chanel. The icon is still known to most as Coco, while her head seamstresses simply called her Mademoiselle. Yet long before honing this persona, she forged her own path in culture through ambition and focus on her craft, creating one of the most important fashion houses of her time and beyond. Here's why we think her namesake perfume is a brilliant new addition to our dresser.

The packaging is a work of art
The experience of unwrapping the fragrance is nothing if not acute sensorial pleasure. From inside the understated, minimal gold box slides an embossed cardboard liner, teasing the silhouette of the bottle before you even see it. Lifting this liner reveals the precious cargo...

...and it looks so good
Designed by Sylvie Legastelois, the form of the bevelled square bottle is exquisite in its pure, simple lines. The size and lamé shade of the label is mirrored in the cap, while viewing the bottle on its side unveils how the glass converges towards its centre. The finest walls of glass allow for maximum light to shine through, and is in itself a technical marvel. The curved bottom inside fragrance bottles, known as the "marloquette" has been pushed outwards in the creation of Gabrielle bottles, then polished flat, resulting in edge-to-edge perfume.

It's set to be a future classic
A whiff of the fragrance strikes us as familiarly "Chanel" yet completely fresh. Perfumer Olivier Polge's goal was to create a bright floral, a radiant expression of white flowers: ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine and a whisper of Grasse-grown tuberose. These are fairly traditional flowers. Yet as Polge intensifies certain notes while echoing others in complementary additions like white musk and sandalwood, it becomes a new construction, reflecting the meticulously crafted qualities of Chanel fragrances.

This video!
No spoilers, but Kristen Stewart is a new kind of fragrance campaign face here, full of life, bursting forth from the darkness into the light. Through movement, shadows and glorious colour, the film tells the emotional story of Gabrielle with Kristen looking spectacular throughout.

Gabrielle Chanel, RM450 (50ml) and RM650 (100ml). Out now at Chanel beauty counters worldwide.

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