Dove's Selfie Campaign

Dove puts the beauty back into selfies

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 30 Jan 2014

This comes from a slightly biased place – half our team are ardent self-professed selfie-junkies – but we’re absolutely loving this new video campaign from Dove.

While the world hates on selfies, Dove puts the power back into our hands, showing us how we can use self-portraits to create our very own unique definitions of beauty.

The video starts with different women lamenting their perceived bodily flaws before it asks, “Isn’t it time to redefine beauty?” The women and girls in the campaign are then asked to take selfies of themselves – real, raw, honest snaps without filters or editing – which were printed and displayed in an exhibition.

The results are surprising and the responses encouraging and warm. These women may not be red-carpet stars or runway models but the selfies reveal a new, natural, spontaneous beauty – one that every single one of us can create with just a phone and our best smile.

Self-absorption, much? Used the right way, we think it’s more about self-empowerment. The selfie, we maintain, is a new beauty force to be reckoned with. 


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