Dove Patches Work Wonders On Women's Confidence And Beauty

The personal care brand's new invention sends a powerful message about beauty

By Andrea Tim | Published: 15 Apr 2014

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If your first thought about Dove's new beauty patches was that they seem to work similarly to nicotine patches, you're not alone.

We imagined the patches containing (in place of nicotine, of course) previously unknown confidence-boosting ingredients, but then we thought, hang on, what are the ingredients?

Apparently, we are. You are. Every woman is.

In a new ad by Dove, several women were asked to participate in a research group to test the new RB-X beauty patches, developed to enhance how women perceive their own beauty. They were asked to wear a patch for 12 hours, and then make a video diary for two weeks.

In truth, there was absolutely nothing in those patches.

Each woman found that they have started to be more confident and comfortable about themselves, before the truth about the miracle patch was revealed to them.

"Knowing that I don't need something to make me feel that way, and that's just who I am, and it was kind of hidden but it's not anymore... it's very empowering," one woman said while tearing up.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches ad from last year received praise all around, but Patches, not so much. Doubt was thrown on the authenticity of the 'research group' while criticism was placed on how gullible these women were.

Phony research group or not, Dove's message is clear: it doesn't always take much to build self-confidence, and that every woman has the ability to believe she is beautiful, inside and out. Some just need a little push to finding the assurance within, even if it meant tricking them to wearing a patch. Cheers for the placebo effect.


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