Chanel Cruise 2017: perfect vacay hair and makeup

Models were adorned with a hot après-holiday, sun-kissed look

By Shantila Lee | Published: 5 May 2016

Chanel Cruise beauty
Photo: chanelofficial/Instagram

The beauty vibe at the Chanel Cruise show was hot (in makeup greatness and 35 degree weather in Havana, Cuba, where the show was held), boho-chic and individual, a fresh change from all the overly done complexions and smoky eyes from previous seasons. Infused with the same laid-back, Caribbean-cool that infected the couture, the models were given similar sun-kissed, post-beach romp looks, but with distinct spins for each girl.

Makeup maestro Tom Pecheux kept the look nonchalant and simple, giving the girls flushed skin, ruddy cheeks contoured with blusher, glossy lips and bold, dark brows for a just-back-from-vacation look. The twist was in how the makeup was adapted to each model: brows were made bold if the model already had them, freckles were left to be very visible, and even the lipstick went from orange to bitten-red and bronzy nudes. This is Chanel's nod to raw beauty and individualism, and that armies of models walking a show with the exact same look is so over with.

Sam McKnight
went the same way with hair, dumping feathers, dreadlocks and tiaras of seasons past for easy, carefree 'dos: messy buns were hidden under fedoras, beachy waves were topped with Che Guevara berets, low at the nape ponytails met Chanel bandanas worn like hairbands. There were also short crops and afros left to shine on their own or tucked under hats. The unifying look was finger-waved, tousled, windswept waves and curls, nary a stick straight strand in sight.

This is how you should look while on vacation: uncomplicated, radiant, glossy and hair flying. Leave it to the Chanel runway dream team to conjure it up.

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