Aesop Pleasure and Purpose campaign

Aesop's Nasothèque Myer Windows installation featured hand-cast plaster noses

By Andrea Tim | Published: 2 Jun 2014

Video: Aesop Nasothèque

Marry performance elements with the philosophy of scent, and you get Aesop's elaborate and narrative Nose Lab. For the Australian skincare company's latest Pleasure and Purpose campaign, the philosophy of scent was celebrated in the form of plaster noses, casting from the noses of real people. The collection was displayed for three weeks in April 2014 at the Aesop's Nasothèque Myer windows on Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Volunteers were invited to offer their own noses for casting, with the procedure performed by a uniformed, rubber-gloved troupe, armed with sculpting tools.

Aesop's campaign video is slightly sinister – listening to heavy breathing and the psycho-thriller-like soundtrack should get you in the mood – but there is a deafening artistry to how Aesop intends to explore the human olfactory sense.

"Smell me," a nose asks passers-by. Take a deep breath and hit replay, because you're going to need to watch the short film twice.


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