Pixi + ItsJudyTime It's Eye Time palette

I spy with my little eye, a new eye palette I need

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 20 Feb 2017

ItsJudyTime palette
Photo: Asos

Pixi + ItsJudyTime It's Eye Time palette, approx. RM155 at Asos
Confession: I watch a beauty tutorial every night before bedtime. Some people read fiction, some just have a final check through Instagram but me? Nothing lulls me to bed more than the soothing voice of Lisa Eldridge telling me to 'thin out' my foundation or The Anna Edit professing her love for Adrienne (the Chanel lipstick shade).

Last night, it was KathleenLights creating a soft, dreamy look using this new eye palette by Pixi in collaboration with beauty vlogger Judy Travis of ItsJudyTime. Pixi is known for its stellar skincare (all hail the Glow Tonic) but the brand's makeup range has been getting more well-deserved attention lately thanks to quality that rivals high-end names.

The Pixi + ItsJudyTime It's Eye Time palette has 12 brilliant, highly-pigmented shades that range from rosy pastels to darker hues. Consider this the non-boring neutral palette as the colours are very wearable, but feature more than just basic beiges and browns. Another bonus? The eye shadows blend seamlessly even if you're just using your fingers. Perfect, because I've got 5,748,96 eye brushes and 0 skills for any of them.


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