The hand cream set from the last bits of 2016 that you must buy

The one with which a beauty editor moisturises her hands feverishly

By Grace Wong | Published: 10 Jan 2017

Clarins hand cream
Photo: Clarins

Clarins 2016 Kit Trio Hand & Nail Treatment Cream, RM108

Now that we're all back in the trenches of the 9-5, our hands have returned to their regularly-scheduled drying out. You know the feeling: office air conditioners turn once-youthful mitts into flaky, scaly, papier-mache-hand-shaped replacements. Case in point: 40 minutes ago I accidentally scratched the webby bit between my thumb and index finger, and you know what happened? My skin broke in seven places, like I took a nail file to it. A bit over the top.

So I fished out this fig leaf-scented hand cream I've been using for weeks from Clarins' 2016 set and spread a good-sized blob all over. Instant relief. Most of the flaking stopped in its tracks, and the cream absorbed to a comfortable, light film in a few minutes.

Realistically, this means the cream is not going to soften calluses or work miracles (look here instead), but this is the kind of hand cream you want around when you're working, not coating your keyboard in cocoa butter.

A big plus are the scents. The fig one is lovely, and the set also includes creams with orange leaf and white tea leaf scents.

There's no shame in being late to the party, as long as you get there when the drinks hand creams are still available. This limited-edition Clarins set includes three 30ml hand creams and a pouch.


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