A skin expert on the end of anti-ageing

Plus, why you should always follow serums with moisturiser

By Grace Wong | Published: 20 Dec 2017

Sothys Youth Creams
Photo: Sothys

Hands down, the most impactful thing in beauty this year is the conversation surrounding ageing. Whether or not it's still something you have to fight through "anti-ageing", what the alternatives are, or whether it's just semantics, and if the people pushing the end of anti-ageing just want to rebrand it. Just in time for a new Youth Cream launch from Sothys, we sat with the brand's International Trainer Cinthia Montoro to discuss the future of anti-ageing.

Tell us about the new Youth Creams.
We did some research in terms of the market and we find out that anti-ageing is obsolete now in terms of vocabulary because customers are looking for products that are not only anti-wrinkle and for slackening skin, but they want to keep the youth of their skin for the longest time possible. They don't just want to block the ageing, because of course it's going to happen, they just want to appear more natural and have a more natural answer in terms of anti-ageing.

Would you say it's more of a focus on skin health now?
Yeah. I think they want to be healthy, they want to reduce the signs of ageing. Botox injections, for example, are less and less popular in the global market because I think it's nicer to have natural beauty. Signs of ageing mean that you've had a nice life. Smiling for example, gives you the eye contours. Of course, there are some lines that are less sexy like marionette lines, but I mean those ones mean that you've had a happy life and I think there's a change in that way.

But in a sense, anti-ageing is still being talked about, all the symptoms - like wrinkles - are still being targeted. What do you think?
I think we all want to age better. Of course we will have wrinkles and those same targets. But I think there is a change of behaviour. We've seen in magazines and on TV, more and more advertising with elderly people who look very dynamic and very healthy. Young people now want to be like this when they're older. They prefer to keep their youth even if they're 25 or they're 65. So there's a change.

We have also done some research with Sothys and found out that guests always think they're 10 years younger than their chronological age. A lot of women feel that they're 25 all the years of their life, which reminds me of a sentence from a French actor, who said the dream of every man is to die young, but very late. That summarises this new behavior well.

Tell us about the ingredients in the creams.
The main ingredients that you have in all the creams is called the Beta p3 complex. We have two vegetal ingredients which are the sephora and saffron flower that will work against oxidative stress, so, all the environmental factors that will age the skin earlier.

After some new research, we found out that environmental factors constitute 80% of the ageing, and only 20% is due to your own DNA. So with those two vegetal ingredients, we really protect against all the environmental aggressions, UV pollutions, the way you are living. We also have peptides to repair the cells that are damaged because of chronological ageing. Plus in each cream, you have specific ingredients, more targeted to different concerns, like the loss of tone when we age, or radiance.

Why launch the creams when Sothys has already launched the Youth Serums this year?
Because you never apply serums alone. I'll give you an example: When you are in winter, you have the cold and the rain. Let's say that you are wearing a pullover to protect your inside body from the cold to warm it up – this is your serum. But you have all the external aggression, the rain, the sun, UV rays. So for that you use a coat, to protect. This is the cream. So you need two of them to really protect your skin from all the environmental but also chronological ageing.

Sothys Vitality Youth Cream, Wrinkle-targeting Youth Cream, Firming Youth Cream, Restructuring Youth Cream and Redensifying Youth Cream; RM390 each.


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