The evolution of the pixie cut

The celebs who rocked it and set the bar every decade

By Shantila Lee | Published: 8 Jan 2016

Pixie cut evolution
60s (Photos: Everett Collection & TPG Images)

60s – Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg and Mia Farrow
Women who pioneered the pixie wore it very boyish and gamine, maybe because back then cutting your hair that short was a very tomboy-esque move. The look was one-length layers, worn straight, with a wee, blunt fringe at the front.

The pixie cut in the 70s
70s and 80s (Photos: ABC Pictures, Warner Music & Columbia Records)

70s and 80s – Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Linda Evangelista
In the 70s the pixie got a hit of style like Liza's in Cabaret, then went very heavy and thick like Madonna's in her Papa Don't Preach video and Linda Evangelista's iconic, unique short cut, circa the Freedom music video. It became a cultural phenomenon that opened the floodgates for no rules, anything goes pixie cuts.

The pixie cut in the 90s
90s (Photos: TPG images, Paramount Pictures & United Artists)

90s – Winona Ryder, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie
Remember Winona in Reality Bites, Demi in Ghost and Ange in Hackers? Those were the movies that made the very short, piecey pixie, with or without a full-on fringe,  a mainstay and no longer identified as tomboy-ish. It became a cut that only the most exquisitely beautiful women, like Demi, could rock.

The pixie cut in the 00s
00s (Photos: Everett Collection)

00s – Agyness Deyn, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman
Empowered by the ultra-femme turn the 90s gave the pixie cut, in the 00s it took a somewhat punky turn. Whether worn spiky like Agyness's, in long, wispy layers like Posh's or with very choppy, gelled-up texture like Natalie's, wearing it with a cool aplomb was essential.

The pixie cut now
Now (Photos: TPG Images)

10s & now – Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway 
These days, the Winona choppy pixie seems to have taken a back seat in favour of long, piecey layers. The other overarching trend is a wispy fringe, worn down and over the brows, at mid-length or swept across the forehead.

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