Review: Nike Zoned Sculpt tights

The Nike tights you'll want to work out and even fall asleep in

By Florence Song | Published: 29 Feb 2016

Zoned Sculpt tights
Photo: Nike

Nike Zoned Sculpt tights, RM499
Available at Nike stores in Pavilion KL, Mid Valley, The Gardens, The Curve and Sunway Pyramid

What it is
These tights are designed for various training routines that encompass the six core movements: push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate. The seamless compression zones knitted into the Dri-FIT fabric wraps and provides support to muscles around the core, quads, glutes and calves.

Why I love it
If there's ever a pair of tights that hugs your tush and legs so snugly, yet oh-so-comfortably, this is it. These tights feel like a dream once you've put them on – so much so that I end up not wanting to work out and would instead rather fall asleep wearing them. That's just how comfortable they are. If it was socially acceptable, I'd wear this pair everywhere – even to the office.

The high waistband (it goes up to the abs) serves to increase core awareness and provide extra coverage as one bends and stretches (no wardrobe mishaps here), but really, I love it because it helps hold and cover my jiggly bits, giving the illusion of flat abs. I only wish that there was slightly more stretch in the waistband as I can hear the threads breaking every time they pass my hips as I put them on. Contrary to the perfect ankle-cut of the Nike Power Speed tights, the Zoned Sculpt tights may run a little long for someone my height – I had to fold the hems up.

I used these tights for my cross fit sessions and also a Nike Training Club session which had me doing jump squats, lunges, push ups and Spiderman planks. I found that these tights performed particularly well during my weighted squats as the snug compression fit gave me the support I needed for my core, butt and legs. It was also great for floor exercises – crunches, sit ups, the works – as the flat seams of the tights meant that there weren't any uncomfortable seams poking me in the back as I lay flat on the mat.

Photo: Nike

All in all, this would be my go-to pair when it comes to core and floor exercises. Or when I feel like channelling Gigi Hadid's chic uniform of tights, sports bra and bomber jacket.

What it's good for
Aerobic, yoga, core and floor exercises, and (if you're keen) sleeping and lounging in. Pair with cropped tops and sports bras to show off flat abs.

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