Post-Christmas-feast exercises that take less than 10 minutes

No gym visits required

By Andrea Tim | Published: 28 Dec 2015

Post Xmas workouts
Photo: rebeccalouisefitness/Instagram

The post-Christmas food belly situation is real, but we know many people, us included, who are often too lazy to burn the calories we consumed over the festive weekend (ahem, month). Enter these dynamic workouts, which will be as easy to add to your daily routine as it is to give in to the temptation of juicy ribs.

The reason is simple: the entire routine demonstrated in each video takes less than 10 minutes each. Wave your excuses out the window, people. You can't even say the gym is too far, because these routines can be done at home.

By the way, let's be real – eating right is also key to getting fit. So stay away from the leftover turkey, ribs and snacks, and get going with your new workout.

1. Ab workout

2. Full-body workout

3. Full-body workout (with various difficulty levels demonstrated simultaneously)

4. Dance workout

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