Foam rolling and burgers are part of Jordana Brewster's fitness secrets

The actress also shares a few skincare and hair tips

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Feb 2016

Jordana foam rolls
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Albeit lesser-known than many other kinds of exercises, foam rolling isn't new, but after hearing what Jordana Brewster had to say about it, we're going to make a point to incorporate it into our daily lives.

In an interview with, Jordana revealed that foam rolling is something she picked up only a few months ago.

"After I get out of a session, I literally feel high," the Fast and The Furious alum said. "I do it on my own, too. I really like Lauren Roxburgh, for the fascia and rolling. At night if I'm watching TV, I just get on the foam roller. It's just another way to sort of de-stress and work on my posture."

Watch this video by Lauren Roxburgh for a better idea of foam rolling.

Jordana also shared a few beauty secrets all of us could add to our books.

1. Eat well for good skin
"When I look at women like Jennifer Lopez, where it's all about their skin – the glow – it's about what you're putting in your body. I drink a ton of water. I think natural fats are really important, too, especially as you get older. Like eating avocados and eggs. When I'm dehydrated and stressed, I just notice it on my skin immediately."

2. Straightforward skincare
"As a mom, the quicker the skincare [routine], the better... I make sure to take my makeup off every night. I do like facials."

3. Don't over-treat your hair
"I only wash my hair about two to three times a week. If I sweat, and my hair gets a little gross, it's really by my hairline that I get really annoying curls. So I just iron it. I iron my sweaty hair. It sounds really gross, but that's what I do. That's my quick fix. I don't colour it anymore. My hair got super dry."

4. Don't touch your pimples
"Sometimes I'll get a pimple, but I'm usually pretty patient with it. Often my husband is like, 'I really want to pop that for you.' And I'm like, 'No, it's not ready.' I often just leave it alone."

But the most important tip of all has to be this one.

5. Burgers are okay
"I think the Chateau Marmont burger [in Los Angeles] is the best. So good."

Thank GOD.

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