HTC and Under Armour want to monitor your health for you

UA Healthbox is a connected fitness system that watches how you eat, sleep and exercise

By Andrea Tim | Published: 8 Jan 2016

Video: Under Armour

HTC and Under Armour have teamed up to launch the UA Healthbox, a personalised system that monitors sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition to improve your overall health. HTC is behind the hardware, while Under Armour's UA Record provides the operating system for the devices, which you can connect to your Android or iOS smartphone.

The kit consists of the UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale. The UA Band keeps track of your day (including sleep and workouts) while the UA Heart Rate can be worn around the chest to observe heart activity and calculate burned calories. Also, the UA Scale is a Wi-Fi enable weighing scale that reads body fat percentage and syncs with the UA Record app to add data to your personal dashboard.

All three devices work together seamlessly to help you manage your daily routine. The programme also advises you about whether your training, sleep patterns and eating habits help to improve your health or not.

Photo: Under Armour

Fitness and technology are becoming more than just about wearing a wristband. In future, more aspects of your attire will be able to become part of your interactive fitness system, and Under Armour is paving the way towards that. In fact, MyMapFitness CEO Robin Thurston believes that Under Armour will be called a tech company in a decade. Let that get you excited about fulfilling your fitness goals.

The UA HealthBox will be first sold in the US for $400 (approx. RM1,755) from 22 January, after which it will be made available internationally later this year.

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