How to make glitter lips last all day

Tips and tricks to have your lips sparkle and shine, from day to night

By Lydia Chan | Published: 8 Mar 2017

Glitter lips trend
Fendi SS17; Lydia Chan wearing a glitter lip; Gucci AW17 (Photo:; ELLE Malaysia)

Glitter lips made a lasting impression on us last year when famed makeup artist Pat McGrath brought the standout trend to the DKNY's SS17 show at New York Fashion Week, and Fendi paired them with bold cateye flicks at Milan Fashion Week. More recently, Gucci made sure to follow up with a louder update: rhinestone lips. But baby steps first, so we tried a basic glitter lip, with expert instructions from ELLE beauty editor Grace Wong.

What you need
1. Cosmetic glitter
2. Lipstick
3. Eyebrow brush
4. Cotton buds
5. Adhesive tape

We used
Mehron's Glitter Dust in Red (approx. RM42.29 at Cinema Makeup)
Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick in Clean Effect (RM85)
Sisley Eyeshadow Shade Brush (RM200)

Photo: ELLE Malaysia

First, conceal your lip line beforehand to define it, apply your lipstick (this actually acts as the glue for your glitter). Pick up glitter with an eyeshadow brush and gently pat into the lipstick in sections around the lips, repeating until fully saturated with glitter. Use cotton buds to remove excess glitter at the edges and tape to lift any stray flecks. The sharper the lines, the cleaner and more wearable the look will be. For a more subtle sparkle, we recommend using a base lipstick that's the same colour as your glitter of choice but feel free to mix and match – the possibilities are endless!  

Makeup artist cleaning up a model's bedazzled lip backstage at Gucci AW17 (Photo:

Once the glitter was on, it felt like I had sand on my lips, but like nice sand. I've never felt as conscious about my lips as I did then, and felt the urge to smile, but quickly learned that smiling, laughing or even just opening my mouth makes glitter fall off in small sprinkles. I, Miss Talkative, had no choice but to keep quiet.

Walking around in public (a compulsory element of this experiment), I had to get used to people giving me double-takes when they notice my lips. To prevent unnecessary glitter loss, I go for lunch armed with my water tumbler that has a straw. I struggled to figure out what I could eat that was the least messy, and ended up picking from everyone else's food with chopsticks. Later, I bought some pastry and ate it with a fork and knife – beauty is pain. And sometimes embarrassing.

Come dinner time, I gave myself a pat on the back for keeping most of the glitter on. Only the inner part of my lips were less glittery from talking and drinking with a straw. Eating dulled the shine slightly, but you could still tell that I wasn't wearing an ordinary red lip. A kiss hello to my boyfriend left him with glitter lips too, so you could say that this trend leaves a mark.

Major takeaways
1. DO prime or set your lips with foundation for a long-lasting glitter lip
2. DO drink with a straw
3. DO eat with chopsticks (easier to place food directly into your mouth)
4. Carrying glitter around might be too much of a hassle but DO keep your base lipstick on hand for quick cover-ups
5. DON'T have noodles (slurping is a no-no) or any food that will brush against your lips
6. DON'T kiss anyone (unless you want to mark your man)
7. DON'T shy away from the attention

Photo: ELLE Malaysia

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