I didn't expect this when I wore pink contact lenses

One ELLE staffer on what five days with 'pink eye' was like

By Lydia Chan | Published: 18 Jul 2017

Coloured contacts
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

To me, people born with naturally-pretty eye colours (blue/green/hazel irises) just readily look like magical creatures. I, on the other hand, have so-dark-brown-it-is-basically-black eyes. Despite how salty I am over my eye colour, I had never resorted to wearing coloured contacts. So when the opportunity came up for me to wear pink (pink!) lenses, I thought, why not?

I wore the Bausch + Lomb's Lacelle Diamond Daily contacts in the Pink Rose colour. Here are five things I learned from my five days with 'pink eye'.

My eyes really popped
The first time I put on my coloured contact lenses, I had to adjust to the fact that my eyes were now pink! The good news: the contact lenses were sort of a pinkish-brown, so against my dark irises, they weren't as vivid as expected but they did offer a noticeable change. I could see a little twinkle in my eye and the lenses also made me look so much more awake (a much-needed aide on Monday mornings).

Can you guess which side has the 'pink eye'? (Photo: ELLE Malaysia) 

I could go completely barefaced 
Despite how tired I am in the morning, I always try my best to slap on some makeup (especially around the eyes) before heading to the office. However, with my new lenses, I didn't need any. Perhaps pink eyes were all the colour I needed on my face.

I had a newfound sense of confidence
Even though I could go without makeup, my pink eyes also made me a little braver to try bolder looks. I mean, if I can't have fun while I've got pink eyes, when can I? For the first time ever, I tried bolder makeup trends like an orange smoky eye, and I even embraced leather jackets and metal accents in my wardrobe.

I had people guessing
Many of my colleagues, family and friends couldn't put a finger on what was different about me – was I wearing different makeup? Was my hair tied differently? When I told them it was my pink eyes, they all shared the same sentiment: it was a subtle change but a good one.

I accepted that it isn't for everyone
Ultimately, not everyone is a fan of coloured contacts. Case in point: my boyfriend couldn't really look me in the eye at first. It felt like a drastic change for him, but he eventually came around (though I suspect that it was only because he missed staring into my eyes).

Bonus: your eyes don't feel dried out
My previous experience with daily disposable lenses wasn't great as they made my eyes really dry. However, these Diamond Dailies from Bausch + Lomb seemed to stay moist all day, even in my air-conditioned office and at the gym.

Final verdict
I wish I had tried coloured contacts sooner! Despite my initial hesitation, coloured contacts really pushed me to try different makeup and fashion trends. I'm already eyeing my next colour of choice – perhaps a hazel green?

Bare-faced and pink-eyed (Photo: ELLE Malaysia) 

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily contact lenses are available at all major optical stores. It retails at RM42 for a box of 10 pieces or RM110 for a box of 30 pieces.


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