Summer nail idea: fluorescent

We head to You'nique Nails to learn a few nail art patterns we can do at home

By Andrea Tim | Published: 1 Aug 2015

Summer nail art idea
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

The thing about nail art is that a simple stripe pattern can be done differently by just changing your colour combination. Christine Liew, the owner of You'nique Nails in Mont Kiara, told us that fluorescent isn't tacky and pastel isn't overdone – not if you have a few spunky pattern ideas up your sleeve.

Before you begin, pick your colours and have a basic idea about what patterns you're going to make on each nail. You can either have a single pattern throughout, or have different but complementary designs.

Christine used gel nail polish so it wouldn't take long to dry – use LED light or UV light made specially to dry gel polish – but you can use regular nail lacquer at home. Just wait a while for one colour to set before you apply another colour next to or on it so they don't run into each other.

What you will need:
1. Your chosen nail polish colours
2. A dotting pen
3. A thin nail art brush (or a nail art pen, RM34 at Luxola)
4. An LED light or UV light (if you use gel polish. The LED Christine used from Tok is RM145, available for order at You'nique Nails)
5. A paint palette

The steps
1. Apply a base coat and then a pale base colour. A pinkish off-white shade works best if your colours are mostly warm.
2. Use the palette to lay out your colours (a few drops of the polish will do) for the patterned designs.
3. Go ahead and start painting patterns on your nails with the nail art brush.

The patterns
1. Cascading stripes (index and little finger)
Let each colour dry before you paint the next strip. Use the dotting pen to dot the black spots.

2. The spiral (ring finger)
Paint your base colour and let that set before you paint your spiral pattern.

3. The bullseye (middle finger)
Start from the innermost spot and work outwards with the nail art brush to circle colours, letting each circle set (or dry with the LED light if you're using gel polish) before you move on to the next one.

4. The chevron (thumb)
Apply a light base colour before making V-shaped stripes on the nail with different colours. You can always play around with the order of colours and the thickness of each stripe.

Watch Christine paint the patterns here.

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