6 things Olivia Palermo can teach us about beauty

Lesson #1, match your hands and feet

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 May 2015

Olivia's beauty tips
Photo: Phill Taylor (via oliviapalermo/Instagram)

Olivia Palermo recently teamed up with Ciaté London to create three essential summer nail polish shades – her favourite shade of blood-red, a vacation-worthy coral and an off-duty nude – which are all coming soon to Sephora stores in Malaysia. The collaboration isn't at all superficial either: Olivia has been getting manicures since before she went to kindergarten. (We're not joking.)

While speaking to about her Ciaté collection, the 29-year-old model and style guru also shared a few beauty tips. And when one of the most impeccably groomed women on the planet does that, we listen. Here is what we took away.

1. "My hands are feet are always matching."
Be consistent with the colours of your fingernails and toenails. Olivia likes a dark toe and a light nail when she sees it on other women... but not on herself. 

2. "The actual French manicure itself – no."
Olivia's advice is to stick with nude shades because French manicures are so yesterday and will remain so for a while, "like crystal jeans."

3. "I get it done every four or five days."
Now, most of us will admit to not having time for a manicure in a month, let alone every four or five days. So we can't complain that our nails never look as nice as Olivia's, can we?

4. "I am totally religious and loyal [to my salon, i-Plaza Nail & Spa] and I'm their oldest client."
It's probably as essential as finding that one hairdresser that you completely trust to handle your hair.

5. "With a brighter lip, just keep it as minimal as possible and just a little lash."
Less is more, but more importantly, a little balance goes a long way. If the lip is bright, keep everything pared back, and lashes dark.

6. "If you have a tan I would suggest more of a coral [lip]."
A coral lip really pops against lightly tanned skin. (Remember, fake tan is your friend.)

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