Kate is an Australian journalist with 12 years' experience working for magazines and newspapers in Australia, the UK and Malaysia. She loves burrata, champagne, Iris Murdoch and men in rolled-up shirt sleeves. She hates dangling modifiers, last orders and telephones.

Managing Editor

Emma's spent seven years in the Malaysian publishing industry across print and digital, correcting grammar and writing about shoes. She has a weakness for bad pop music and good fried rice, and favours white dresses whatever the weather or time of day.

Art Director

Sheila fell in love with colour when she picked up her first Archie comic as a child, and has now worked in publishing for over nine years. Outside work you'll find her worshipping the sun and sea or warming up to her two cats, Blu and Bagel.

Senior Graphic Designer

Since graduating from university, Kenneth wandered around the KL media industry as a freelancer, until he was somehow taken in by ELLE Malaysia. Now he spends his day daydreaming at his desk (while working hard too). He loves art and scribbling unintelligible stuff every now and then.

Beauty Editor

A jill of all trades, Grace has had stints in business and fashion journalism, is a rookie makeup artist, and a one-time publicist and shopgirl. She enjoys AHAs, niacinamide and is more than a little omnivorous with music, #nowplaying: sludge rock, 80s cantopop, Bassekou Kouyate and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Senior Fashion Writer

Florence believes that there's no such thing as too much cake. She has two true talents: the ability to lucid dream and an unnatural knack for speed-walking. Before joining ELLE Malaysia in her first magazine role, she studied journalism at the University of South Australia. She's overly attached to fictional TV characters.

Lydia Chan

Editorial Assistant,

Lydia studied magazine journalism at Syracuse University, New York in hopes of becoming Miranda Priestly. Upon graduation, fate intervened when a position at ELLE opened up (she once interned at Mongoose under Time Out). So, she bid farewell to America and hello again to mamaks and humidity. Besides overspending, she specialises in the Kardashians and celebrity babies.

Associate Editor,

A Superwholockian Potterhead who is obsessed with satchels and camomile tea, Andrea loves entertainment news as much as her TARDIS cookie jar. She spends an ungodly amount of time thinking about the wildest things – from how to survive a zombie apocalypse to made-up theories about colour perception.


Despite being obsessed with puns and weird things, Verinia landed her first job at ELLE after interning for the magazine. She enjoys all kinds of memes, bizarre tales (the freakier the better), using the zoom feature on Instagram Stories, and the occasional workout session. She is also an avid reader of science fiction and crime novels.

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